Jump! (Migration) ClueSheets:

Our new "Jump!" ClueSheets quick reference cards are specifically designed to help individuals or organizations quickly migrate from Microsoft applications to StarOffice 8 applications.

If you know how to use Word, PowerPoint, or Excel, you already know how to use many StarOffice features. Our Jump! ClueSheets will help you get going even more quickly by mapping the differences between:

Word and StarOffice™ Writer 8 (4 pages)
Excel and StarOffice™ Calc 8 (3 pages)
PowerPoint and StarOffice™ Impress 8 (2 pages)

Sold in full sets of 3, our ClueSheet Jump! cards are priced at $10/set and you may download them now from this website in PDF format.

Generously discounted general SITE LICENSES for electronic distribution (and 'extended' licenses for product bundling purposes) are readily available to all organizations and workgroups. Special site license pricing is offered to educational and non-profit organizations.

Please don't hesitate to ask us for a site license price estimate tailored to your organization and budget.


The Jump! ClueSheets are specifically designed to help individuals and organizations migrate from Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, to StarOffice 8 Writer, Calc and Impress respectively.

Jump! ClueSheets offer an attractive alternative to buying, searching through, reading and storing massive documentation manuals for Both Microsoft and StarOffice applications.

Jump! ClueSheets offer an attractive alternative to opening and searching through the online-help systems and clicking back and forth between the help and document screens.

Jump! ClueSheets are developed by daily users of StarOffice and OpenOffice.org software applications who are experienced information designers, technical writers, and documentation specialists ... and need to make the jump to StarOffice/OpenOffice. Org applicatons suites as quickly and painlessly as possible.

The Jump! ClueSheets are available in complete sets of 3 only and are immediately downloadable from this website as .PDF files.

For step-by-step instructions on how to perform specific selected tasks in the varioius StarOffice applications, see the StarOffice ClueSheets.

Jump! ClueSheets Product List and Prices

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All 3 Jump! ClueSheets for Staroffice 8
Word to StarOffice™ Writer 8 (4 pages)      
Excel to StarOffice™ Calc 8 (3 pages)      
PowerPoint to StarOffice™ Impress 8 (2 pages)      

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